We would like to introduce you to Nifty our Lotus Europa Twin Cam. Nifty is one of the many classic vehicles we have refurbished but possible the one that took the longest to finish as it was purely for relaxation or that's what I was told! and only ever looked at when there was a spare five minutes.


This car was born in Norfolk probably during the night. How do we know well when we contacted Lotus to find out a bit about our new purchase and were told its conception date, build date, big valve engine, chassis no, engine no, colour - yellow and tan and all the parts to make it a special although not a special, but then it was probably built by night shift and they used any parts available on the floor..... and mine had a 4 speed gearbox. So there you go, a night baby and we have spent many more putting it back together ..oh didn't I say I bought it in bits , cardboard boxes carrier bags, two workshop buildings from three different addresses, as the previous owner moved several times but definitely all the same car but it gets worse...

Don't know anything of the first owner but the second was a paint sprayer at a Ford garage and I guess he had plenty of spare paint, we removed something like seven different colours when preparing it for paint, and he had decided to sell it at a point half way through another to its next owner.

They fell totally in love and decided at this point to do the best for this lovely car, so set about dismantling the car in no sort of order or logical process, just took it to bits and we mean bits, almost ever nut an bolt and screw, it was shortly after this they realised they did not have the time or skills required to put it back together, that's when muggins came along...... it was all there in the end with the exception of the handbrake bellcrank lever which we fabricated having chased another europa for several miles one day to ask if we might take a look and get some dimensions. guess what a few months after that bit was made and installed xxxx me if the guy who sold the car didn't post the original to us, said it had tuned up in his loft when he cleared it to move again, so now got a spare just in case!!!

The boss, She who must be obeyed, thought one had gone off ones trolley when bits started to turn up ( probably true) and our Alsatian dog took to sleeping in the passenger foot well when there were no bits in the way, probably the only way she could get any quality time in,


but they both seem to like it now. The boss chose the interior colours, and we painted the car black as Suki is white, so we can see her, she came for the first test drive.....no windscreen, she loved it, no need to lean out of the window for that hang your tongue out look.

Thinking back over the magic times spent sorting it out one thing stands out.

It took me and the boss, about two days to fit the rear screen glass its not the most straight forward thing to fit and its easy to break and we had a serious attack of Tourette's during this period but have recovered now.

Its on the road still as loud as in the 70's and just as much fun fun fun.

Oh... I will not do it that way again, ever

Dave Greenwood Motorsport, established for over 30 years, and as the name suggests, our background is circuit orientated. Over the years we have been asked to work on many different cars, and when we retired from motorsport, classic restoration was a natural progression. Among our regulars are a full FIA approved historic rallying MGB, an awesomely quick Riley Elf, an AC Ace, Mgb’s and Midgets and a Sunbeam Tiger, to name just a few.


A quick update .... Have just decided to ditch the mechanical fuel pump in favor of an electric system, should of done it years ago as now it starts when you want it to!! Also a moden Kenlow fan has been fitted, the original was starting to squeal, or was it the boss ....don't think so


No animals only one human suffered during the making of this project, some of the names have been changed to protect the young, no warranty will be honored after a wheel is turned and no hitch hikers (not got the room).

Nifty has a secret have you spotted it?

Have you got a tail to tell..... get in touch, we would love to hear from you we may even publish it.