Technical Specification Lotus Europa classic sports

Engine: Ford Cast-iron block, 5 main bearings, Lotus cast aluminium cylinder head, chain driven overhead twin camshafts operating 8 valves. Two Twin choke, downdraught Dellorto 40DHLA carburettors, mechanical fuel pump, compression ratio 10.3:1, producing 126bhp at 6500 rpm, supplied by twin fuel tanks containing 12.5 gallons.

Transmission: Single dry-plate clutch with cable operation. 4 speed synchro gearbox with central remote control, Ratios: Top 1.03 3rd 1.48 2nd 2.26 1st 3.61, Hypoid final-drive ratio 3.56:1. Driveshafts to rear hubs with Hook's universal-joints.

Chassis:  Central box-section steel backbone with fork extensions at rear, carrying saddle-mounted glass-fibre body. Engine, gearbox and final-drive mounted in one unit within rear fork. Independant front suspension by wishbones, coil springs and telescopic, dampers, with anti-roll bar. Rack-and-pinion steering, independant rear suspension by trailing radius-arms and upper and lower links, fixed length drive-shafts forming upper links, with coil springs and telescopic dampers. Disc front and drum rear brakes, with servo assistance. Light alloy wheels fitted 175x70-13 front and 185x70-13 rear tyres.

Body: Fiberglass. Painted

Equipment: 12-volt lighting and starting with alternator, speedometer, rev counter, ammeter, oil-pressure, water temperature and fuel gauges. Heating, demisting and ventilation system. Electrically operated windows, 2 speed windscreen wipers and washers. Flashing directional indicators.

Dimensions: Wheelbase 7ft 8in. Track (Front) 4ft 5.5in.(Rear) 4ft 5in. Overall length 13ft.5in. Width 5ft. 4.5in. Weight. Special 14.0cwt.

Performance: Maximum speed: 117mph (Mean) 120 mph (best) [Special 121mph (mean)] 123 (best). Acceleration: 0-60 mph: 7.0-8.2s. Fuel consumption. 26 to 30 mpg.

Accomodation: Two seater with enough luggage space for a tooth brush and a clean pair of knickers! (hey, what happened to those good old days?)