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They say that when Colin Chapman started design and build of his next race car he would put a bolt on the workshop floor and ask the mechanics to build the car around that one bolt to save weight... well I think he used that same principle on the Lotus Europa.

The Europa after all is an out and out circuit sports two seater car from the late sixties early seventies that made its way onto the road, and what a drive.

Not everyone's cup of tea its small, noisey, it leaks, very little room...... but in its time was the proverbial muts nuts and for me it still is. Its what lotus stands for...... a fun car to own, a fun car to drive and fun to work on, just kidding with the last one.

In the modern world of electronic bits and bobs on cars it can be very gratifying to undertake maintenance of a loved car yourself, Many happy hours can be spent fiddling and when you get stuck there are good manuals and other owners out on the internet when help is needed.

If you decide to do some serious modification, you will have to be a little more responsible than the lads from Top Gear!, and if you are not mechanically minded it will be cheaper in the long run to leave it to the experts, but always remember, if you are going to go faster, the first thing you need to do is make the car stop more efficiently, and if you are going to make the most of the performance from your car only ever do it on an organised track day or on private property, with permission obviously.

What better way to enjoy your Lotus Europa than driving to a special event or meeting up with like minded people to show it off and talk Lotus, and just have fun! You might even take the boss out for a run and a bevy just to say thanks for all the cups of tea during your endeavours in the workshop.

Take a look at Club Lotus for many offers and things to do with your lotus. 



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